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Obtaining a Liquor Licence In the British Virgin Islands

06 November 2020 | by Paul Mellor

In this guide, we examine the requirement for businesses in the British Virgin Islands selling alcoholic drinks to hold the required liquor licence.

Property Tax In the British Virgin Islands

02 September 2020 | by Paul Mellor

In this guide, we examine property tax in the British Virgin Islands, including which types of property are subject to it, how it is calculated and when it is payable.

The Stamp (Amendment) Act 2020

31 July 2020 | by Paul Mellor

In this guide, we examine the scope of The Stamp (Amendment) Act 2020 and how Belonger purchasers may benefit from the stamp duty exemption granted in respect of Instruments effecting both the sale and the transfer of BVI property.

FSECA BVI Business Person in a suit

BVI Financial Services Business Continuity

26 June 2020 | by Jermaine Case

The Financial Services (Continuity of Business) Act, 2020 (the Act) came into force on 28 March 2020. It was enacted to provide for special measures to support the continuity of financial services business either from within or temporarily outside the Virgin Islands in an “exceptional circumstance”.

Private Investment Fund Regime: Application Process

09 June 2020 | by Jermaine Case

Private investment funds (PIFs) currently operating in the Virgin Islands must apply to the Financial Services Commission for recognition by 1 July 2020. In this guide, we outline the key steps to consider when preparing your entity’s application for recognition as a PIF.


The Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak on Contracts

27 March 2020 | by GHP Marketing

The mitigation measures that have been put into place by governments to deal with the coronavirus outbreak have disrupted the availability of customers, labour and materials and will inevitably impact how businesses are able to comply with their contractual obligations. Our guide summarises some of the issues for businesses to consider when faced with the prospect of the non-performance of contractual obligations.

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