Practice Area

The relationship between employers and employees is vital to the success of any business.

Labour issues can become costly, time-consuming and stressful if they are not dealt with properly, quickly and in accordance with applicable law.

With our guidance, employers can develop and put the right policies in place to ensure legal compliance and proactive resolution of problems before they become difficult to manage and consume significant management time.

We work with employers and employees in a wide range of business sectors and are able to provide comprehensive and commercial labour-related advice in various contexts, including the following:

  • Compliance with the BVI Labour Code and other employment-related legislation
  • Employment-related matters resulting from business reorganisations
  • Drafting, reviewing, or updating employment contracts, handbooks and policies
  • Implementing or improving disciplinary and grievance processes
  • Bringing skilled workers into your business from outside the BVI
  • Terminating employment relationships and advising on settlement agreements

We also advise in connection with a range of employment-related, regulatory and other ancillary matters, including work permits, taxation, immigration and pensions.

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