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George Henry Partners LP Welcomes Jermaine O Case to the Team

21 May 2020 | by GHP Marketing

George Henry Partners LP announces the addition of Jermaine O Case to the team effective 18 May 2020.

The Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak on Contracts

27 March 2020 | by GHP Marketing

The mitigation measures that have been put into place by governments to deal with the coronavirus outbreak have disrupted the availability of customers, labour and materials and will inevitably impact how businesses are able to comply with their contractual obligations. Our guide summarises some of the issues for businesses to consider when faced with the prospect of the non-performance of contractual obligations.

Employers’ Obligations in Relation to the Coronavirus Outbreak

19 March 2020 | by GHP Marketing

BVI employers should monitor the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and take steps to protect their employees and their business. Our guide summarises the legal obligations of employers in the workplace and addresses some of the more common questions and concerns that employers may have in this rapidly developing area.

The Grant of Belonger Status and Certificates of Residence

04 March 2020 | by GHP Marketing

A change in an individual’s status can have an impact on his or her employment, business, and property interests. While the exact nature of any impact will be determined by individual circumstances, our guide outlines several areas for consideration.